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Vintage Movie Posters - The Art of Collecting and Storing

Many Hollywood movies benefit from the beauty of vintage movie posters. Posters were designed to help promote the film because they generate visual appeal and interest to the public. Most vintage movie posters are considered quality works of art. These vintage movie posters have piqued the interest of savvy art and Hollywood memorabilia collectors.

If you are a collector of theatrical prints - movie lobby cards, posters, still photos or movie star photographs, let us help you learn how to properly store your collection to keep them in excellent condition.

Vintage Movie Posters Storage and Preservation Collecting movie memorabilia and prints are similar to collecting baseball cards. You need to handle them with care and make sure they are appropriately stored. If you have grown  your collection, storage can be an issue primarily when your favorite works of art occupy your walls.
In preparation for storage, make sure your work area is clean and dry. Every collector should consider these…

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